Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Life everywhere

In idyllic settings of village
In bustling metro city
In a beautiful rose garden
In a noisy city street

What's common in these
Mind thinks this is better than that
It does not know it's the same
That grows as rose garden
Is the noise of busy street
Serenity of the mountain

One life that breathes
Rests and Rejoices
Angers and fights
Destroys and builds
Alive in a body and without that too!

Only one life that shines everywhere and in everything!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A crack opening in my Window

My window has a crack opening
For a small ray of right to peep through
To lighten up dark chambers of heart

As You had shone through opening
Gone are those darkest days
when I could feel nothing
I was grasping in the dark and
heart yearning for thine light

Alas some dark corners still remain to be illuminated
With unknown cobwebs lurking there

I am yearning for your grace to shine
For My window to open far and wide
Small ray of light to turn into flood of light
Shining  every nook and corner
Illumminating my heart brighter and brighter

Monday, August 8, 2016


Situations change people change
I can only wonder at the Kaleidoscope of life

Sometimes I feel at the top sometimes at the  bottom
Sometimes I feel situations are under control sometimes the opposite
Sometimes I am angry sometime compassionate
My own mind mimics the  Kaleidoscope

Every time I look at the Kaleidoscope it throws up new scene
Complete in itself however completely different from previous
Things never vanish completely but they just change the orientation
Only to resurrect again to complete the circle
While I marvel at the scenery I appreciate the seer
The silent witness unaffected by scenes

What different scenes can make it to seer
as what difference waves have made it to sea?

Friday, August 5, 2016

If only I would be born as flower

If only I would be born as flower
would sway as you want me to sway
would smile as you want me to smile
would receive thine grace as sunshine
And will blossom as you want me to blossom

If only I would be born as flower
would be free from wandering mind
would be free from small little desires
And free from ulterior"ego"
which  separates me from thine

If only I would be born as flower
I would  ever shine as thine!

Friday, May 6, 2016


 Life is dilemma
 Heart tempts me this side
 And Head sways to the opposite

Which one to opt for???
 Mind is in perpetual conflict

 As it worries,worries and worries for the outcome
 It wants only the pleasure
 And is not ready to stay with pain

 However I can rest in peace
 By surrendering my action and outcome to thee
 Knowing that “Myself” is beyond the outcome
 Far Superior and greater than any outcome

Monday, February 15, 2016

Your Game is up

I searched for you in wind and trees, everywhere
I searched for you in people around
I searched for you in all the activities
Finally I searched deep in myself
Wow! Your game is up as I found you  hiding there

I had turned my life into hell
I had stood on my head
And turned my life upside down
I chased wrong things assuming they were thine

I had put my heart and mind in your search
As if  possessed by ghost
I had refused to relax and slow down
I had suffered at my own hands
Running after the things outside

Finally I found you
Now I will rest in peace
Assured in knowledge
that you are within me and not outside

Your game is up
Now that I found you!

Beyond success and failures lives me

Beyond success and failures lives me
Beyond all activities lives me
Beyond all opposites lives me

Do not stop at success
Do not stop at failure

Travel that extra mile
For I am the ultimate goal
There is nothing beyond me

Come to me from wherever you are
You are welcome whatever you may be

I am waiting for you forever
Now is the chance
Present is the time
To be free from all entangles

To travel back home only to become me!